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Meet Colleen

Born with a keen eye for the creative, I always knew my life would guide me toward some form of art. During my time at Texas A&M University I got my first DSLR and began to realize that taking pictures and photography are far from synonymous. 

Self-taught using the guidance of multiple online resources, I decided to hone in on a couple areas of photographic expertise: interior design and real estate.

I love the fact that interior design and real estate photography offer that perfect blend of technical and the creative. It is challenging in the field as well as in the post production phase, yielding rewarding results. Humans are innately picky about their environments and it is my joy to photograph each space as one that is inviting and wholly characteristic of each individual client.

Side note: I absolutely love portraits, headshots, and lifestyle photography. If you are searching for this type of work, please check out my portfolio here.